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  1. What is AccessREPORTS?
    AccessREPORTS is a self-service tool for Access clients to quickly and securely get critical information about your records that are entrusted to Access.
  2. How can I find and use the new tool?
    AccessREPORTS is nested within the FileBRIDGE client portal through and can only be accessed once you are logged into the portal. To use AccessREPORTS simply click on the icon located in the left rail of the portal.
  3. What reports are available currently to use?
    Currently there are seven reports available with new reports planned for the near future. The seven reports available today include:
    •    Authorized user list
    •    Destruction activity
    •    Inventory details
    •    Inventory summary
    •    Items eligible for destruction
    •    Vault due back
    •    Work orders by priority
  4. How do the reports work?
    Once you have clicked on the AccessREPORTS tool you will see a new tab labeled “My Reports.” Within that is a drop down menu of the available reports. Within each report you can set key parameters like timeframes, users, locations etc.
  5. Can the reports be exported?
    Yes, the reports can be exported and downloaded to your computer in a variety of formats including Excel as well as CSV files. This removes the need to have this sensitive information emailed to you and is a more secure solution.
  6. Is there any limit on the number of reports that can be run?
    No, clients can run an unlimited number of reports to get the insights and information they need.
  7. Will there be any incremental fees for AccessREPORTS?
    No. AccessREPORTS represents the ongoing investment by Access in delivering reliable and effective services for our clients. There will be no incremental fees associated with AccessREPORTS.
  8. Will there be training and support for AccessReports?
    Yes. There will be training and recorded webinars. In addition, Client Care will be available and able to help as needed. They can be reached at 1-877-345-3546