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Accounts Payable is the major part of a company’s payment processes. It’s important that no matter who is in charge of Accounts Payable, that those bills and invoices be legitimate and accurate. Access is here to help you automate these processes. By reducing manual tasks and errors to speed up processing and increase visibility into cash flow, your company can boost the efficiency of your staff and add functionality to your current systems.

With AP Automation, Access can help your company:

  • Reduce invoice processing volume and manual tasks
  • Increase availability of information
  • Assure compliance and invoice approval
  • Stop document bottlenecks
  • Improve invoice accessibility
  • Extend the functionality of core financial applications and enhance data integrity
  • Reduce manual data entry
  • Easily track invoices to improve vendor support
  • Improve accounting processes and ease compliance concerns with readily available invoice and purchasing data
  • Shorten payment cycles
  • Quickly match invoices to purchase orders
  • Increase control over the purchasing process
  • Improve communications with vendors and internal customers