Paper-intense processes combined with the need for quick access to repair records and sales deals lead auto dealers to require robust solutions. In addition, the substantial compliance requirements of this industry make it critical to choose a records and information management vendor with all the attributes of a proven provider: secure document storage centers, the highest quality online access portal and the assurance of stringent quality-control processes within the operations are essential characteristics.

“We ran completely out of space to store our service orders and file retrieval was becoming increasingly difficult. This is no longer a problem since Access scanned our backlog as well as our daily service orders. My technicians now have instant on-line access to all service orders. I also get a disaster recovery plan while the originals are stored at the Access secure facility.”

Scott Ramer  |  CFO, Findlay Honda Henderson

“I am occasionally solicited by other document management companies and I explain to them that the reason we would not consider a change in provider is I believe they can’t compete on the level of service and the value we get from Access!”

Thomas Lenz, Controller  |  Chapman Chevrolet

Automotive Client Stories

More than 70% of the dealerships in the Greater Las Vegas Area have chosen to store, scan and access their Repair Orders and Deal Jackets with Access.

With over $1 billion in sales, Fletcher Jones is one of the largest auto dealership groups in the United States, operating dealerships in Illinois, Hawaii, California, and Nevada and representing various manufacturers, including Mercedes, Audi, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche, Toyota, and Volkswagen. Shawn Dettrey, CFO, Fletcher Jones Automotive spoke about Access.

“By 2004, our ever-increasing volume of physical records that we were required to keep was putting a strain on the organization, both from a personnel and facilities point of view. We realized that managing physical records was not our core competency, and that we were constantly challenged to find space for these ever-growing volumes of records. We also had to devise systems just to manage them properly.

At that time, we were keeping boxes- and file-cabinets- full of records in each of our dealerships. Keeping these records organized was challenging, and the space could be used more profitably to sell cars and generate other revenues. Managing inquiries into our historical files was time consuming and open to errors if files were not returned properly. Outside inquiries for files, be it from the Corporate Office or legal counsel, introduced further challenges in tracking the whereabouts of the pulled files. And with increased emphasis on protecting Personal Identification Information (PII), we grew increasingly concerned about storing records containing PII in areas where unauthorized access might occur.

We recognized then, as we do now, the importance of proper, efficient and effective records management to our business, particularly as it relates to regulatory compliance, the protection of our customers’ personal information and the improved service that quick access to information represents to our customers. So after careful review, we decided to partner with Access to service our dealerships’ records and information management needs.

We began with our Las Vegas dealerships due to the proximity of the file storage, but we have expanded to our other regions as we realized the benefits that professional, offsite, managed file storage provided.

What is unique about the Access Dealer Document Management Solution is that it recognizes the “life cycle” of the documents that are unique to an auto dealership and provides the flexibility to store those documents in the most economical mode, albeit paper or electronic, depending on the need and frequency of access. Their hybrid approach also takes into consideration the time certain records must be retained and insures that they are reviewed for destruction at the appropriate time, allowing us to control both the cost and volume of records over time.

I would describe the Access Dealer Document Management Solution as a complete, turn-key solution that is simply more comprehensive, faster and more cost effective than what we had been doing in the past.”

Shawn Dettrey | CFO, Fletcher Jones Automative Group


Information Governance is an increasingly high priority for businesses, facilities and corporations throughout every industry, find out which IG processes Access can help you implement to ensure you remain compliant with your policy.