Why Store Records Off-Site?

Reclaim filing space for revenue producing activities that will continue to grow your business. Here are some reasons to store your semi-active and inactive records off- site with Access:

  • SPACE. Storing off-site gives you the space you need for new files and for managing your business. Don’t waste valuable office space storing boxes of inactive records.
  • COMPLIANCE. Storing off-site enhances compliance with privacy laws and other regulations. Ensuring that confidential client and employee information is secure is becoming one of the top priorities of management today. Storing documents off-site eliminates access to confidential information by unauthorized employees and reduces the risk of fines or litigation that can come with improper disclosure of confidential information
  • SAVINGS. Storing off-site saves you money. Storage costs are significantly less expensive than office rent per square foot or using a local self storage facility.
  • SECURITY. Storing off-site is more secure and more organized. Storing documents in boxes, filing cabinets, or basement rooms leaves you exposed to loss or theft.
  • SAFETY. Storing off-site is safer. In the event of fire or other potential disaster, your information assets are protected from harm.