As your records and information management solutions provider, we are especially concerned about the protection of all your organization’s information whether or not the specific information is currently entrusted to our care.

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Choosing Preparation is Always the Right Decision!

With over 70% of worldwide organizations admitting that they were affected by a data breach, you have to accept the inevitability and prepare for an occurence with a comprehensive Incident Response Plan (IRP).

By choosing the reporting and notification coverage provided by Access’ Breach Reporting Services (BRS), you can ensure that any data loss suffered is reported properly, to consumers and the correct regulatory bodies, and within all required timeframes. This service includes the added protection of remaining in compliance with the state of Washington’s PII breach regulations.

Lock in a low rate by submitting your information in the above form, and rest assured that a critical component of your IRP is covered. Please note that your account will automatically renew after your chosen time period, unless you opt out now.

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Your Key to Prompt and Compliant Responses

More than 100 countries and 46 U.S. states have data protection laws that require businesses to proactively report both actual and suspected data loss incidents. This includes any breach involving personally identifiable information (PII), such as:

  • Employee and customer Social Security Numbers.
  • Employee health information and records.
  • Customer names and addresses.
  • The financial data of clients, employees and suppliers.

If your company does not respond to a breach within the required time limits, it will result in fines, civil, criminal and class action lawsuits, potential imprisonment, customer attrition, reputation damage and lost business. Preparing before such an incident occurs is crucial to avoiding these penalties and remaining competitive.

Powerful Services, Always Ready When You Need Them

In the event of the actual or suspected loss, breach or compromise of personally identifiable information, you need make only one call to the Breach Reporting Hotline – staffed by CSR’s team of privacy professionals – who will help you identify the applicable requirements for reporting to regulatory authorities in a timely fashion. CSR will then notify authorities, as CSR determines is required. As many as 300 authorities in the U.S. and Canada may be involved.

CSR is an industry leader in privacy protection and data life cycle management. Learn more about them at