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Access Secure Destruction Solutions for our valued Pittsburgh area clients

We enjoyed the opportunity to be of service to you before your account was acquired by Iron Mountain. We miss you and ask that you consider allowing us to again serve you! It is important for you to recognize that we remain fully capable of serving your secure destruction needs and we hope you will consider allowing us to do just that.

Service Options

  • Consolidating and organizing information throughout departments.
  • Improving workflow processes.
  • Saving space and reducing storage costs.
  • Mitigating regulatory compliance risks.

Client Services

  • Highly trained staff to ensure secure and confidential chain of custody.
  • Client Care Team dedicated to the flexible handling of scheduled or one-time requests.
  • Certificate of Destruction provided for every destruction project.

Items Destroyed

  • Paper documents and business records.
  • Electronic media, including tapes, disks, CDs and other magnetic media.
  • Computer hard drives.

Special Features

  • AAA NAID Certification

Allow us to build a customized, cost-effective plan that is just right for you today!